The good thing about having two westies in the house is that no one knows who to blame for the holes dug in the yard....

Latest comments:

Sherry McCloud: How handsome 😘

Patricia Pride Sinclair: GORGEOUS Westie.

Natalie Clarke: We know exactly who to blame for our holes.....

Sharron Quinn: You are Just So GORGOUES . So Adorable. So Cute So PAW*FECT. X ❤X

Michele Passarelli: Beautiful Dreamer the pesky westie!

Thanh Nga Nguyen: Mom, did you check their 'white' paws to see which one got dirty? ❤️🐾😘😂😉

Sher Harkins: What a beauty picture

Carole Tapley Smith: Beautiful westie

Wilma Balay: adorable

Joyce Virgil: What a beautiful doggie.

Tone Nygård Wedø: Beautiful <3

Loretta Antoinette Torres: I've heard that about westies, but my Ziggy never dug any holes!

Elaine Norwood Lingle: Yep, it is 70% Simon.,

Françoise Mari: Aujourd'hui, c'est l'anniversaire de mon petit westie, Gribouille, il a 12 ans et il embrasse Dreamer et Capria ! Love !

Gene McCown: What an absolute beauty!

Elaine Gallery: Beautiful x

Thei Franken: Greetings to you all from Joey in the Netherlands

Brownie Plimpton: Butiful

Cathy Warren Clark: The only thing better than one westie is two westies. Double the fun. :)

Antoinette Tierney: What a stunning photo. Loved them both to bits !

Annie Rohloff: I am so glad to see you. I haven't heard from you and I missed you. And I do understand about the two Westies in Blaine been there done that you just love them

G G Havens Reid: Look for the dirtiest one