Happy Halloween everyone ! She said I was her Superman but then she stole my treats and ran off with my ball !

Latest comments:

Magda MP: Addorable Capria ❤️

April Holcomb: Cutie

Antoinette Tierney: You couldn't give out to that little cute :)

Helen Constantine: I guess she TRICKED you. :)

Stacey Spenelly: xoxoxoxo <3

Carol Ferlein Watson: Girls can be that way!

Jeannie Baggett: Cute Picture

Kelly Aquino: Gorgeous!!🎃👻

Colette Lux: Love the tutu!

Debbie Napier: It's what girls do...

Jan Trees Williams: OK... where's your Superman costume, little Dreamer? Capria does look like a little mischievous doll though!

Françoise Mari: Happy Halloween, mon petit Dreamer, Love !

Arlene Mango: She's a cutie!

Monia Johansson: Kompis <3