If you will be my Supergirl, I'll be your Superman Costumes @petco #petco

Latest comments:

Daniela Jánošková: Super

Gary Sackett: What a pair of cuties!

Candy Lane: very cute

Birgit Thomas: Adorable

Mike Gammon: That's us Cindy Wims Barnes!!

Andrea Gourley: Gorgeous!!

Sharon Dick Sloane: Super cuties <3 <3

Helen Constantine: Happy Halloween Cuties. <3

Thanh Nga Nguyen: Love this dynamic duo! ❤️🐾😘

Cyndy Bazin Hallar: So adorable💕🐾💕

Sharron Quinn: Adorable. X

Denise Thomas: Beautiful babies xx

Chris Kravontka: You are so beautiful

Joan Sneddon: Absolutely gorgeous ❤️❤️

Joan Gindlesperger: You two look adorable!

Heidi Shorey: You two are truly made for each other. 💗💗

David Butterfield: Supper hero's!

Deenie Van Matre Dotson: What a great couple of kids!

Bridget Baxley: Heart melting...

Kathy Zewe Babuscio: So very cute. Love them both!!!! ❤️🐶🐾😀

Annie Rohloff: Both of yopu are so cute. Dreamer, you look like this is really putting you out. You make your costume look good. Capria just is happy to be on facebook.