You know what gets me riled up ? Horses ! Of course ! Every time I see one on TV my inner westitude comes out ! What gets your dog riled up ?

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: Ceiling fans lol

: Livvie loses her mind any time another dog shows up on tv - or is even getting ready to show up because she has some of the commercials memorized!

: xoxoxo <3

: Vacuum!

: My little bestie Westin Max loves watching anything with real live animals in the movie. He seems to enjoy Miles and Otis the most.

: Any animal or cartoon that slightly resembles an animal. Our Maggie-Mae's nickname at doggie day camp is Spitfire.

: Archeologists ! Really, she sees one on tv and she barks at the screen, even when they aren't digging lol. I cannot watch Time Team reruns anymore.

: Donald Trump. Our westie McKenzie barks and growls when he hears his voice. Smart pup.

: My late Westie would go crazy in the car when the windshield wipers would go on in the rain. Its because she spent her puppyhood in Arizona! And, of course, the vacuum. And, also lemon pledge would drive her insane. (Current Westie has nothing that drives her crazy!)

: Mine ALWAYS watches the tv and barks at animals. .. and baby's. .. and politicians... and black people... and really white objects. ... 🙊🙈🙉

: Rabbits, Squirrels, Vacuum Cleaner, Lawn Mower, etc.

: Any animal on TV or in their yard, vacuum cleaner, doorbell

: Oohh my sooooo cute 😊

: <3

: i had a chi that would howl every time that tjwentworth (it;s your money...get it now) came on....when the woman would hit the high notes he would join in......after i lost him i could not watch that commercial for a long time

: Doorbells.

: Rabbits, Squirrels, Deer, Vacuum Cleaner, Doves walking on the ground, etc.......

: doorbells!

: doorbells!

: doorbells!

: doorbells!

: doorbells!

: doorbells!

: doorbells!

: doorbells!