Latest comments:

Elizabeth Kylene Devaney: Dreamer, did you let Capria have your red ball?

April Holcomb: Awesome pic!

Elsa Benavides de Flores: Arya anda Sansa looove those 🏀 too!

Santa Du Preez: Amazing picture

Lynn Mattson Brummer: What a great shot!

Jan Trees Williams: You snooze, you lose little Dreamer! Too cute!

Heidi Shorey: Wow, that's a great shot!

Marlene Mesenbrink: How do you tell these two apart?

Debra Cross: Sabrina this is Bailey 😊 xx

Antoinette Tierney: Lovely action shot of my favourite Westies :)

Denise Thomas: Gorgeous puppies xxx

Jill Bonnell: love this photo xx

Darlene Mancini Wiggins: Dreamer,all Westies can be pesky,lol,but the most abused turned to be the most loyal,loveable angel of all!!!🤗

Judy Scott Guidry: Happy playing. The two of you are precious