Are you ready for a challenge ? Can you tell who is who ? Tomorrow we will reveal the answer !

Latest comments:

: The westie in my left looks like my Tobbie, the one on the right like my Bonnie.

: capria on the left & dreamer on the right

: Dreamer on the right...

: Aww can I have one please beautiful they are xx🐶🐶💞💞

: Left - Dreamer, right - Capria 😚😚

: Dreamer is on the right side. They are both just a pair of dolls

: Capria right, Dreamer left!

: I don't know which is which! The only thing I know for sure is they are both soooooo beautifu. I miss my Casey and Clancey soooo much!

: Your on the right?

: Left, Capria (narrower head/snout), Right, Dreamer. Love, love, love Westies!

: Dreamer on the left; Capria at right. They are beautiful ❤️

: On first glance I thought also Dreamer on R and Capria on L but THEN I looked closely @ hair and it's the other way, Dreamer on L and Capria on R ??

: Draper right Capri left

: Dreamer is on the right

: Cute xxx

: Capria on the right, Dreamer on the left

: Dreamer on the left, Capria on the right.

: It's pretty hard to tell, little Dreamer but I'm going to say that you're on the left and Capria is on the right. The pup in picture on the left looks a little more "mature"!

: Dreamer on the right; Capria on the left

: Dreamer on the left & Capria on the right!

: Absolutely gorgeous ❤️ ❤️

: Capria in the right

: Dreamer on the left and Capria on the right

: Doesn't matter, both are gorgeous! Lol