Do people in your house tell you to move your big head out of the way so they can see the TV? I don't know what they are taking about.. I can see the TV just fine.

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: Underbar🙋

: Yes, I tell my scotty & westie, "I can't see thru muddy water" :)

: Cutest face ever!

: I say that to my cat every day - LOL

: Is this Capria? She is a beauty!

: Une vraie peluche. Je reconnais bien la petite frimousse de la mienne 😍😍😍😍

: Ruth Schofield

: Haha...Our Westies are TV addicts! They know every commercial that has a dog or cat in it by the music!

: Beautiful

: Absolutely gorgeous x

: Du bist aber eine ganz süüüüüsse

: A Dolly

: You tell them Dreamer. ;)

: Darling 😘

: And such a beautiful big head it is

: Bellissima

: I have to tell my cat that All the time!

: Bist du süß

: Heed!! Doon!!😆

: Pretty. Westies are the best looking dogs.

: I would rather look at you instead of the TV


: Perfection!

: Your "big head" is just beautiful, little Dreamer... tell them to hush!!