Dreamer the pesky westie shared iRobot's video.

Well... Here is my 5 seconds of fame ! Watch the video till the end to see the cutest westie bunny in the world ! Thank you so much iRobot for giving us the opportunity to try out the new Roomba 980 ! This is what happened when we let a few of our biggest #TeamRoomba fans test out the new Roomba 980 in their own homes. Take a look!

Latest comments:

: Cute lil bunny at the end! :D

The Adventures of Archibald: Adorable bunny, but surely they need Capria riding it?! :-)

: Good job movie star

: Cute bunny!!

: You are adorable!

: <3 Soooooo Sweeeet <3

: LOL too cute

: <3

: Dreamer, you are a star!

: I love it!! What a darlin!