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Wow ! A new red ball and colorful balls for my birthday ! Thank you Kimberly Arredondo for my gifts ! I love them ! My mom keeps trying to steal them :/ Grrr...

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: ❤

: Happy birthday sweetie!

: Happy Birthday <3

: Happy Birthday sweet one hope you are having an amazing day

: Happy Birthday Dreamer from Roxie in Chattanooga Tennessee

: Happy birthday Dreamer have a fantastic day love you new red ball have lots of fun love and kisses from lynda and Tilly.xx😊😊💙💙💙💙💙

Dreamer the pesky westie: Kimberly we had some sibling rivalry with my new balls. The little kid got upset that he didnt get one so I let him take one of the Kong tennis balls.

: You are so cute! Miss my Westie.. You are his replacement for now! Happy Birthday!!

: I just love your adorable face! makes me smile everytime! <3

: Feliz cumpleaños! Me recuerdas tanto a mi Argyle! Era tan bella como tu eres de buenmozo!

: Wow now you have balls to play with in assorted colors! What a lucky boy you are!

: Awwwww! How cute! It's time for a ballgame!

: Happy Birthday to you , Happy Birthday to you , Happy Birthday dear Dreamer , Happy Birthday to you . Have a wonderful birthday sweetie . Beautiful photo's !

: Happy Birthday to you, Dreamer!

: Happy birthday sweet darling. <3

: Isn't you birthday sunday?

: You are so cute! Happy Birthday, Dreamer the pesky westie!

Dreamer the pesky westie: Maria Susana Beirão yes you are right ! My birthday is Sunday! We have my presents from my mom to show and one more from Kimberly that is suppose to annoy my mom.. Yippee ! We are leading up to my 3rd birthday picture which I must say is pretty spectacular ! We finished the photo yesterday !

: Looking forward to seeing it!

: Happy birthday

: Happy birthday precious. Hope you had a great day.

: Happy Birthday Dreamer!! Maybe one at a time, so you wouldn't lose them!!

: Wow Dreamer. Which one are you going to play with first? Lucky boy. :)

: Birthday Boy!! <3