Dreamer the pesky westie added 3 new photos.

Barn hunt trial event photos are here ! This is from Sunday. We did not finish trial #3. It wasn't my fault. I told my mom repeatedly that the rat was right under my nose but she thought the straw mound was way too small to be a rat tube. She did not know that the judge can be tricky and wedge in between the bales so she didn't believe me and we lost :( I still love her no matter what and she has spent 2 days now telling me how smart I am and a great hunter and she is so sorry she lost it for us. I reminded her we had a blowout spectacular runs on Saturday that were incredible and to think of that instead. :) (The second picture the rat tube is right in front of me. See... I can smell it)

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: Barn hunt trials sound awesome! I wish we had that here in New Zealand, Minnie the Westie would love it. :) Go Dreamer!

: Sounds like fun!! You will get them all next time!! 💜💜💜💜

: :)

: Great Westie Fun ! .. Super Photos .. xx

: What a beautiful rat hunter! First prize sweetie!

: Good job Dreamer. Next time Mom will listen to you. Love the photos. :) <3


: Good job Dreamer.

: Good job, Dreamer! I bet Mom will listen next time!

: You are a talented ratter Dreamer!

: I'm so impressed. Dreamer did you start with regular obedience class. Right now my 10 month old Westie Jubilee would be gone off across the field if I let her off the leash. We do start obedience class next month

: What a guy! Congrats! How did you get involved in this? I would love to see if anyone in my area has competitions like this, but I have never heard of it before seeing your post!

: Smart boy Dreamer. I mess up on my boys too so I feel for your mom. Looks like you love this sport!

: Www.barnhunt.com

: ❤️🐾You are a great hunter and extra treats are in order.

: VERY fun!

: Hun Chang Khor

: Oh ma! You need a doggie nose :)

: You're a winner anyway Dreamer xxx

: He is so adorable

: What a smart boy you are!

: I never question my westie's sense of smell as it never lies and boy d they have s strong prey drive with their noses! hehehehe

: Adorable petit Dreamer !