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Wow ! What a fun day today ! Went to my first Barn hunt training session ! I learned how to do the tunnel under all the hay stacks. I also learned how to jump onto the hay bails. At the end I got to do a "meet the rat" meet and greet. At first I did not know what to think of it but then I started to dig holes in the ground and bark. I wanted him to play with me !

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: Good for you! Did you want to play or did you want to eat the rat? :D

: When do you go for the barn hunt and how old does a Westie have to be

Dreamer the pesky westie: Karen Rocher I wanted to play with him :)

: Meant where do go

: Kegan would love that. I wanted to do earth dog trials with Kegan

: Did your mom or Dad get a video of you doing the barn hunt...

: Well Dreamer we might wait to we get to California

: My mom is a travel nurse so we are going to California in Jan. Mom saids I'm going to be a beach bum Like that's going to happen I'm a westie goodness sakes.

: I'm glad you had a fun day

: Look at the day I had mom put a mistletoe hat on me

: Wow how fun

: Sure you wanted to play...a rat hunter!

: Poor rat.

: Good start Dreamer! We have barn hunt trials in our area and KC & Katie have gone one time. They also do Earthdog!

: Great Job Dreamer.....🐀🐀🐀

: ❤️🐾Your ancestors were bred to hunt varmints.

Savannah the Tenacious Tibetan: Oh, wow...such a fun day!

: Fun, fun, fun!

: Dreamer.....Sounds like a fun day. You even made a new friend..... :)

: He doesn't look too afraid of you!! LOL!!

Dreamer the pesky westie: I think that rat likes dogs because he was very friendly with all the dogs and didnt show any signs of fear.

: Smart little boy!

: Dreamer, he probably wanted to play with you as well!

: What a great day you had x

: Oh, mon petit Dreamer, tu as un nouveau petit copain ?