Dreamer the pesky westie feeling sassy

How long did everyone think it would be before I would start causing trouble with that rolling egg full of food ? 3 days and now I am having a great time rolling it around, dropping piles of food all over the house and leaving it there while I relax on the couch and come back later to eat. Mom said she is not amused...But I am !

Latest comments:

: Your so funny.

: Hahaha you are too funny! ! Tell mom and the kids to watch where they step, don't mess with your food!

: Sorry mom! I am also amused ;)

: Oooh Dreamer......!

: My boys would do the same thing unless i put peanuts in it. LOL <3

: симпатяга!!!

: Bol!!!

: But Dreamer...You are supposed to eat the food silly. ;) You are a funny guy. hehehe :D

: Too smart for your own good!

: Have fun my dear Dreamer <3

: just be sure not to smoosh it into the carpet or mommy wont be happy lol

Dreamer the pesky westie: Luckily no one has stepped on it yet.

KIT - The speed demon Papillon dog: Sounds fun, I'll try it.

: Savannah finds it so fun to annoy us...LOL

: I wondered about that when it was first posted....BOL!

: BOL! I needed to see your funny face today❤️🐾

: Nothing more fun than outsmarting the hooooooooomans! :D

: You look happy too Dreamer! :)

: silly <3

: Hilarious! I am laughing out loud!!!

: Ha ha mom started it

: Ohhhhhhhhh Dreamer, Dreamer you are always are cheeky monkey and you are so funny Boy and very BOL!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

: Silly Dreamer! :)

: Trop chou, Dreamer !