Dreamer the pesky westie feeling bummed

This bed sharing idea is not working out how I had hoped. My dad says he was not amused that I decided in the middle of the night that I would climb all over his head and then my mom said "Dreamer Shhh." because I was making to much noise. It scared me so much that I jumped off my dad and ran back to my own bed.

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: BOL, awwwwwwwww Dreamer, you poor thing. Our Princess Belle the Corgi sleeps in our bed with us. Sometime in the middle of the night (most nights), she comes up and layed on one of our pillows.

: :) :)

: The commotion one Westie could make ❤️🐾

: Mommy put me on the bed too...I snuggled and jumped on my dad who was sleeping already. He yelled and mommy put me on my own bed.

: Aww poor sweetie :-)

: Poor baby :( How dare your daddy not let you walk on his head in the middle of the night BOL

: Poor baby. You are probably better off in your own bed but better luck next time.

: Better to have a wonderful bed of your own sweetie!!

: awwww poor Dreamer <3

: Don't be sad sweetie, try not to climb over dad´s head...

: Don't worry Dreamer they will adjust!

: Awww Dreamer!!! Don't be scared, how do you think that your Dad felt when you crawled all over his head??? He probably got scared!!!! BOL!!!! Gracie sometimes sleeps on her Dad's head! Try to walk around his head from now on. Ok, Sweetie!!!

: Awwwe

: Lol

: My cat Max will push my husband out of bed so HE can sleep next to me. :)

: I know she's young but don't let her jump off of anything. Tootsie had a $1500 surgery because of her jumping and so those days are over. Steps to get on the bed and steps to get down!!

: Vonia, you're right about that! Our girl Katie the Beautiful hurt both her front legs when she was about a year old, jumping down off of an old heirloom iron bed that had a big pillowtop mattress, so it was far too high from the floor. When either of them want down they will stare at me, and then look at the floor so I can "help" them. They know not to jump now! Katie didn't need any medical intervention, as she just pulled or strained a tendon but it could have been much worse!

: Oh poor Dreamer. When I let Gates sleep in the bed he makes monkey noises

: Don't feel bad. Your own bed is probably more comfortable anyway!

: I have a full time bed dog

: What a little sad sack face you've got right now, Little Dreamer! I once had a little dog who would wake me up in the middle of the night....climbing all over my head...when we had thunder storms. It was a sure-fire way for her to let me know she was afraid of storms!

: Ohhhhhhhhh my sweetheart Dreamer don't be so sad all of us make sometimes a mistake . Tomorrow morning your Mommy and Daddy have forgotten everything from last night and you will maybe more better sleep in your bed♡♡♡♡♡ we wish you a very good night and sweet dreams we love you . Don't forget don't worry be happy darling

: You could come share my bed anytime !

: They should've made room.....geeeeeez

: Poor guy <3