Dreamer the pesky westie feeling embarrassed

I got really mad at my parents last night ! I thought they were going swimming without me (which they were not) and I decided to start barking at them ! I gave them quite a lecture ! (I have been taking hints from my friend Wally Bear's World) I guess I should verify first that I was getting left behind for sure before I speak my mind.

Latest comments:

: Aw well you never know Dreamer, you gotta let them know who's boss ;)

: ahahahahahahaha

: You are so cute!

: We'll you have to let them know who's in charge Dreamer!! :-)

: Well..you must let them know your feelings,Sweetie

: You were just being proactive :)

: Live this picture , the dreaming expression say it all , I'm on could nine , don't disturb ;)))

: I'm sure your parents wouldn't forget you. I know you were just reminding them. :)

: Well you have to speak up for yourself from time to time.

: Ah well...you know humans...they can use that dressing down for the next time!!

: Bark first, gather the facts later. Seems reasonable to me. Preemptive strike!

: :)

: How could they ever leave you behind. You're so adorable

: How could they ever leave you behind. You're so adorable

: Keep them in check!!!

: You're the silliest cutie pie! :)

: I always say......Better to Be Safe than Sorry!!!! Lol

: Cuteness Overload!! <3

: It must be tough being physic. You have to know how to read the signals.

: We have all misunderstood at one time or another, Dreamer...maybe you can be extra sweet and they'll forgive you! (Which we all know they will!)

: It's okay Dreamer.

: Well Dreamer...You just made a mistake, after all mommy and daddy have left you behind before. These things just happen. Bud says BOL to you. He going to doctor today. <3

: What a cute picture! Of course, I haven't seen a bad picture of you! xoxo

Dreamer the pesky westie: Kelly Zentner Woosley I hope everything goes ok with Bud today ! I have been thinking about him !

: You just a bit anxious. That's ok sweetie. ❤️😘