Dreamer the pesky westie added 2 new photos.

I told my mom that we should really show how my morning went with her. The first picture shows her set up for me. The second picture was when I realized I was lonely looking out the window. Look at my face looking back at her !

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: Aww!!!

: Awww....too cute, Dreamer. Looking out the window is fun, but it's even better to keep up with Mom!

: Aw sweet Dreamer <3

: Aawwwww that breaks my heart!!!! You are mommy's boy for sure.

: It looks rather lonely looking at the windows, but just think Dreamer you can see every thing that goes on in the yard. :)

: Poor baby.

: That was a great set up. Maybe mom will sit with you.

: Something about a boy and his mama !

: I'm glad I'm not the only one who does things like this! Bless his heart! He wanted mom to sit down and hold him so he wouldn't be lonely looking out the window. :D

: Awww! You are so so cute!

: Maybe mommy should sit in the chair with you and watch outside too! Then you'd have outside and mommy at the same time! You just look so sad, poor little cutie. ;)

: How sweet! :)

Dreamer the pesky westie: I think I may realize that mommy is more important than my mission in life outside.

: Don't be sad sweety, mom didn't leave you alone...

: Such a sad sad face. :-( I sure hope you make up with mommy soon!!

: Poor Pesky ! I know that look when Ambre looks to me to go iutside

: Ceau, cami, frumos catelus.te asteaptă sa vi repede acasă! Te pup.o zi bună.

Savannah the Tenacious Tibetan: Poor Dreamer...ionowhowmitis just waiting for Mommy to sit down...

: Soooo sweet. ❤️😘

: poor, poor puppy...

: Sweet.

: Oh Dreamer, you are such a little heart breaker. <3