Dreamer the pesky westie feeling meh

I tried everything... I hid in the house inside and out. She called my name and I looked away like she must be talking about another westie but here I am...She got me... In the tub....She said she wanted a clean westie for Mother's day... I guess thats the least I could do...

Latest comments:

: <3!!!!!!!!

: Oh Dreamer you are too cute! Pepper has the opposite problem. She's always jumping in the tub!!

: Your a really good boy Dreamer. Soon you'll be good and clean too!

Dreamer the pesky westie: Leah Lorraine-Simkin my mom thinks about Pepper wanting to take a bath with you all the time. She keeps telling me about it... Then she tries to get me to do that and I look at her like she nuts !

: Good boy, Dreamer!

Lady Nala - Little Westie: Iam junping in too Dreamer <3 It is pretty cool to swim around! BOL <3

: Awwww nice and fluffy with your beautiful robe on. Can we see an after pic?

Dreamer the pesky westie: Maybe... There is a picture of the aftermath ;)

: :)

: A kiss on your cute little nose!

: I wish I could get my Aslan to take a bath!

: Do this for Mommy...she loves you.

: ❤🐾Rub a dub dub, there's a Westie in the tub 🛁

: Nice to do this for Mommy, Dreamer! She takes good care of you, and she'll appreciate this.

: You will be nice and clean for your mommy!!!

: You are such a cutie in the tub with your robe and shampoo. That is very nice of you to think of pleasing your mom for Mother's day. <3

: Tell mom to post a picture of you when you are all wet with shampoo. ;)

: Is that your robe there?

Dreamer the pesky westie: Kelly yes. That is my robe. Tomorrow I will post a picture while I was drying.

Endora, Maurice Airedale and Dusty Staffordshire Terrier, The Three Amigos: Yep you got to be sweet smelling for mother's day ;-)

: I was rooting for you.