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Hmm, I am perplexed. I have squeaked this ultrasonic toy so much that the throat opened up and the stuffing fell out of it. Supposedly humans cannot hear it but my mom is so good with dogs that I thought for sure she would be able to hear it. She's says she can't. I guess that means she is really human and I am out a new favorite toy :(

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: Oh boy!! Hand mummy the iPad so she can search for a new one!! ;-) ;-)

: Take Mommy to the shops Dreamer, she's clever and she will find you another one - especially as she can't hear the squeak, she'll definitely want to get you another one ;)

: Poor Dreamer......tell mommy use the "puter" thing, and find you a new one. Lol

: mommmmmieeeeee! puleeze get Dreamer a new one? he looks so sad.

: Oh no. This is terrible news.

: Ruh Roh! There goes your toy ❤🐾. I'd be bummed too 😞

: Poor Dreamer...I am sorry.

: Tell mommy to sew it back together, or find you a new one :-)

Savannah the Tenacious Tibetan: Look at your face, Dreamer...you look so sad.

: I hope mommy can put it back together for you!!!!

: Aww, I sew them back together for my fur-kids.

: I'm sure mom can fix it for you. Or maybe get a new one. :)

: I vote for a new one for Dreamer.

: Aww so sorry Dreamer. Maybe your Mom will buy you a new one.........

: Maybe mom can put the stuff back in and sew it up!!!

: Or the people ya'll got it from fibbed and it doesn't make a noise at all. Who would tell ? Just sayin.

: Oh no! Time for another visit to Pet Smart!💕

Dreamer the pesky westie: Mom took all the stuffing out of the head and gave it back to me. We will see how long it lasts ;)

: Hasn't mommy explained that you are adopted? That would explain a lot Dreamer. I had to have that talk with my Bud.