Dreamer the pesky westie added 2 new photos.

I have been napping all day long ! After a 2 hour long Easter egg hunt this morning watching the kids I have been exhausted ever since ! My mom says she had hoped to show everyone exciting pictures of me on the egg hunt but I would not participate. I only do things on my terms, not hers. ;)

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: You are so cute :-)

: How very Westie of you!!!!

: adorable

: Dreamer - mom might have given you some delicious treats if only you had indulged her...

: Dreamer you are too cute!

: What happened to the bunny. And Bella wants to know how you always look do white

: This is Bella watching a movie on the computer

: :) :)

: That's ok, Dreamer. You're adorable. We like to see any pictures of you - tired, yawning, or sleeping. :D

: You are so cute Dreamer!

: Oh Dreamer! You are just too funny...and cute.

: ❤🐾I know you have a sensitive tummy so you may have not had any Easter eggs. My Henry gets a hard boiled egg every now and then.

Dreamer the pesky westie: Lesley my mom put up the bunny when I attacked it. I am naturally very white. The whitest westie my mom has ever had.

Dreamer the pesky westie: Thanh I have had quite a few carrots over the last 2 days.

: You most definitely have "westitude"!

: Attacking the bunny - oh dear.... you didn't want to play!!! Lol still.... very cute x

: The way of the WESTIE!!!

Savannah the Tenacious Tibetan: Poor Dreamer! You have such a hard life...

: Love these pics. You are adorable

: Muito fofinho!!!

: Westitude!

: Tu es un petit coquin, Dreamer !

: Stubborn westies as usual...