Dreamer the pesky westie shared Savannah the Tenacious Tibetan's photo.

Everyone I just cant help but share this picture of my beautiful and funny friend Savannah ! I am a tad bit in love with this Tibetan Terrier. I love her hair and love her smile, oh and those eyes could melt anyone's heart ! Aaaah ! You should go over and like her page and fall in love with her daily adventures like I do ! <3 ya Savannah ! It's Sunday again...and this whole week has been last Sunday stories...maybe we will play again today...and Mommy will take more pictures. Mommy loves this picture. She says I am adorable. But I can't say I am because I am supposed to have humbility...or something like that.

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: Savannah is beautiful!

: Already have, Dreamer! I agree with you..Savannah the Tenacious Tibetan is beautiful!

KIT - The speed demon Papillon dog: I love Savannah, I was going to ask her to go out!!

Dreamer the pesky westie: She is so cute and so funny ! I love how Tibetan terrier personalities are similar to westies !

Bo'sun Bailey's Wheaten Adventures: Hi Savannah!