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neighborhood watch We are in sunny Florida for the winter

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Melissa Stoddart Davis: Westie butts!!!!

Arlene Wilk: Love

Theo MacKenzie: I am so envious that you are in a warm climate, but far more envious that you can look at these beauties every day, all day ;)

Debbie McHugh: Lucky you! Five awesome furbabies ❤!

Hattieb Heaven: I just love your babies!! And their story too. You wouldn't happen to be wintering just outside of the Tampa area?? I thought there was a Westin breeder in that area.

Ruth Kirk: Luck you and fur babies., I miss my Bailey baby very much.

Susan Sorensen-Mattox: You guys all went to Florida???fine ! just leave us with some great sunny photos

Dine Haizmann: ❤❤❤

Candie Lee Campbell Wollard: Where in FL? We're in Deland.