Diane's Westies added a new photo.

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Debbie McHugh: Would love to find every one of them under my Christmas tree! Lucky you ❤️❤️

Doug Folcarelli: Love the picture ❤️❤️

Wendy Matheson: Beautiful and they are sitting so well.

Holly Mitsch: 😍☺️ Merry Christmas!!🎄

Karen Carpenter: Made my morning!

Lynne Dalton: So adorable!!!

Donna Pearson Waldrop: Beautiful pups

Fina Orenes Martinez: Que preciosidad,me gustaría tenerlos todosssss

Heidi Hill Tobin: So sweet!

Yvonne Donohoe: Betty Donohoe

Julie Mason Phillips: How do u get them to sit all at the same time, lol? It's all I can do with my two!

Audrey Bowers: How adorable!!!❤️

Maureen Reardon Stevens: One for you Dale Evansx💕

Nagyné Gödér Adrienn: De szeretnék egyszer egy ilyen karácsonyt! Ennyi kutymorgóval !!😘

Beverly Mathews: Perfection!

Debbie Borkowski: Picture perfect Christmas 🎄 and Westie pups - just love it - thanks Diane - another "keeper"!

Heather Middleton: Love it

Mary Ann Mills Haley: Oh my gosh...I can't get two to sit still...this is incredbile and adorable!!

Irene Harkness: None as cute as our Alfie Yvonne Donohoe

Carol McGloin: Any Westies that need a home?

Louise Pickford: I love this picture!!!!

Anne Witherspoon Armstrong: They are all gifts!!!!

Marvin N Jan Holder: What a good picture and so cute. I only have one and I rarely get a good picture of her.

Gail Heath Jackson: I love this picture.

Tamara Grobschmit: Pure complete perfection 💕🐾⛄️🎄❄️