sometimes the cutest pictures just happen. I was walking out with my camera and saw this. I couldn't ask for a cuter group of Westies. They are all perfect

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Debbie Henry: Yes they are❤️

Елена Попоудина: It's a magic dream!!!

Lesley King: This is my idea of heaven

Marion Joachim: Absolutely adorable <3

Phyllis Delack: Yes,Diane, they are. Protect them, love them, enjoy them.

Dine Haizmann: ❤️❤️❤️

Sharon Smith: The best thing I've seen this morning! 💕

Michele Miller-Farina: This is amazing!!!

Julie Mason Phillips: Love this? Amazing you that shot of them sitting to perfect! 😍

Susan Sorensen-Mattox: I want to live there...

Małgorzata Stępniak: ❤

Allison Hoge: Where do you live?

Jeanne McAleer Polanik: Hi Diane do you breed your westies? I have a 13 1/2 year old female and have been thinking about a puppy or a rescue!