My modeling gig debut! Look for me on the PETCO "You and Me" crate. I'm hoping they sell out and I can finally take that trip to Bora Bora.

Latest comments:

Tiffany Doerr: You did a great job, Enzo! Look at that smile 😘

Diane Merkle: You were made to be a model, Enzo. Great job!

Annette Nielsen: Spero anche io, vengo con te, ho sempre sognato di andare a Bora Bora

Mary Ward: I already have one, Enzo, but if I didn't I would buy it JUST BECAUSE OF YOU !!!!!

Alissa Haaker: congrats !!! I've been dying to see this for quite a while. So proud :)

Sally Pavick: Such a handsome boy. I'm agreeing with your mom, you nailed it.

Denise Chevalier: Extra ingredients on Friday's pizza for you, bub.

Jenn Sherba Dunn: You look amazing, little guy! Congrats!!!

Linda Sousa: Congratulations Enzo <3

Barbara Bergquist-Geving: Good job Handsome boy!

Maria Susana Beirão: Wow! Great model sweetie!

Becky Farrar: Dashing!!! 🎩

Lauren Laub: I know a STAR!!!

Ainsley Hope Evert: Great job!

Grace Pupu: Hahaha me in it