My Dad protect me from bath. He's always good cop. Mom bad cop.

Latest comments:

Palma Rispoli: Stinky ....get in the tub!!! lol

Kathleen Meuli Rader: My dad does not protect me from bath!! This week even my new friend Baxter kitten got a bath!!

Michaela Melova: Westie must be white Enzo.

Maria Susana Beirão: Mom is right. A westie must be always very clean. You look a bit grey sweetie...

Michele Passarelli: You're looking a little gray around legs there, Enzo!

Annette Nielsen: Sarà pure cattiva mamma ma ha ragione, sembra che tu hai bisogno di un bel bagno

Rufei Hou: Hmmm...won't last, mom has the dad's credit card pay for pizza night 😂😆😂😆😂

Patricia Bratcher: Let mom give you your bath. You will be so clean and handsome!

Federica Tognoni: Happy new year dear sweety Enzo ❤️

Terri Kasper: It won't last long....because mom is the boss of you. Lol

Doris Baczek: Dad will enjoy cuddles more when your all cleaned up!!!

Doug Chapman: Buddy, stand your ground, until you see treats