Sorry I missed wishing you a Merry Christmas. With all the celebrating and attention, I wasn't on line all day. It was pretty awesome. Merry Christmas! Bring on 2017.

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Gregg Clarke: Great picture Enzo! Have a great 2017!

Patricia Bratcher: Merry Christmas little man and a wonderful New Year!!!

Amarilis Reynoso: Merry Christmas Enzo. Btw this is one gorgeous pic!

Doug Chapman: Buddy, Merry Christmas to you great pic.

Maria Susana Beirão: Merry Christmas beauty!

Stina Tarvainen: Merry Christmas Enzo and family <3

Terri Kasper: Merry Christmas Enzo and family! <3

Helga Arthur: You both are very beautiful!!

Annette Nielsen: Grazie tesoro, anche un buon natale a te, ti voglio bene

Jackie Niblett: Merry Christmas Enzo and family! I enjoy your posts!

Maureen Grazioso: Same to you, Cutie 😍

Marilyn M Hank: Merry Christmas!!

Lise Bilodeau: Have a nice 2017.....

Patricia Barbato Grogan: Merry Christmas