Uh oh. Christmas is 3 days away and I didn't get anything for any of my girlfriends yet. Any ideas?

Latest comments:

Michele Passarelli: How about this picture, framed? I'd love one, if I was your girl!

Terri Kasper: One of those last minute shoppers Enzo? How about a coupon for a pizza night dinner? :)

Dini van Dommelen: A beautyful collar ore a nice bone and a big kiss !!!

Paulette Couture: The gift of yourself would be most appreciated by all girlfriends. :-)

Mary Ward: Gift certificate for pizza with the condition you are invited !

Doug Chapman: Buddy, a big wet kiss will work.

Maria Susana Beirão: You don't need sweetie...your presence is a gift!

Helga Arthur: Merry Christmas, Enzo... just give your girlfriends kisses ❤🐾🐾🐾

Patricia Bratcher: Just give them your attention. Merry Christmas

John Salko: Just let them get gifts for you!

Hillary Solotar Fox Draizin: How about a visit??

Juli McCarroll: You're in the dog house!

Marcia Bohannon: pizza bones ...

Doris Baczek: They have you...that's enough !!!