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more footage from my day at the office. thinking about accepting a security job as long as I can work naps into the agreement.

Latest comments:

Andria Hurst: You will be the best security guard on the planet. .also negotiate treats.

Patricia Barbato Grogan: Hysterical u crack me up

Doug Chapman: Enzo, negotiate snacks and parking you got this

Agi Danišová: to je ako keby bol brat môjmu Westikovi...aj môj sa lubi pozerat cez okno..sedi v nom v lete a pozoruje ludi....

Patricia Bratcher: Looks like you are having a good time.

Pam Lindley: I love you Enzo.

Cesare Dei Boschi: Wish i can stay with my beloved owner in her Office 😢!

Beth Miller Mclemore: That is a beautiful Westie.... Can I baby sit him for you ???

Trish Thorn: sounds a perfect dealto me!

Andrea Capone: You make my day, Enzo,