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nothing to worry about, kid. i'm feeling better and back on squirrel patrol this morning. thanks for all your notes. guess they did the trick!

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Enzo: Scarlette, doesn't look promising. my Grammy and Pap are just getting into town that weekend. last year was a lot of fun. tell Livvie she can be my long-distance love for now. :)

Karon Quintrell: I love your collar do you mind if I ask what brand they are?

Scarlette Castillo Chapman: Enzo, has your Momager decided whether or not you'll be attending Kay Deloach Wroc St. Patrick's Walkathon? Ozzie and Livvie really want to meet you. I think Livvie has a little crush on you, 😉

Suzanne Lerner: So glad Enzo is better

Doug Chapman: Awesome Enzo. Good job Mom

Christy Ito: That's a relief, Enzo! Lucy was worried. Glad you're feeling better!

Patricia Bratcher: So glad you are feeling better.

Diane Merkle: So relieved. You have some catching up to do now E. Double duty today. ❤️

Melody Barbosa: 👍❤️😉🐾🐶🎶

Jenn Sherba Dunn: Glad you are feeling better, Enzo!

Barbara Stewart: Yay that's great news, so glad you are ok xx

Terri Kasper: So happy, had me worried cutie.

Sally Pavick: So glad to hear this.

Barbara A. Holden-LaPlante: 😉So glad your better..!

Amy Mounce Nicholas: Yay, Enzo! We were a little worried....

Yheaulon Thayer: Thank God.

Denise Chevalier: Keep that tail held high! Rex and Libby send their love.

Suzy Freeman: So happy that you are feeling better, Enzo!!

James Jimmy Daryl: ❤️