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chilly mat makes me a little crazy sometimes. i can't get enough of it's chilly goodness! i guess it's the polar bear in me.

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: You're such a sweetheart, Enzo!

: I just saw these at Bed, Bath, Beyond and wondered if it was worth it...maybe Rocky will have to get one :)

: He really likes it! I think I need to get Murphy one for the hot summers in KC!

: I found one from a different maker at Marshalls. I put it on the bed and Riley will sleep with his head on it (but his body has to touch my legs)

: Awesome!

Stephanie Olivieri Author & Illustrator: Which one is it? Where did you get it?

: <3

: Silly Enzo!

: Stephanie, it's Chilly Mat by HUGS. I bought it on line but apparently Bed Bath & Beyond sells it as well... though not certain they have all sizes. This one is the large.

: I got to get some of these. I know riley and Tucker Smucker McDoogle would love it.