Enzo with Barbara Bergquist-Geving

check out this new pillow my friend got me! i'm going to put it in my bed now.

Latest comments:

Enzo: will check that out, Barbara, thank you!

: Enzo u should check out the Westie Rescue of Northern California Auction on Facebook We have some pillows and lot of other stuff.

: Very cute

: Super cute!! You look so happy about it too ;)

: Omg where did you get that I want one

: Enzo you are pretty darn cute!!!! Enjoy your pillow, buddy.

: We have a needlepoint Elliot pillow, and an antique Athena needlepoint pillow! They adorn our guest bedroom. ;-) super cute gift, you're a lucky boy, Enzo!

: Oh Enzo...we have missed you

: Love it!!!

: Not as good looking as you E

: Lovely!

: Fiona would love one of these.

: Love the pillow Enzo