Enzo at Terranea Resort

more vacay footage: fireside lounging in the lobby. i've realized fires make me feel so day-dreamy. anyone else? anyone?

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Enzo: Rebecca, i have no idea ;) i was being a good boy and no one said anything. we went with the don't ask policy.

: I love the smell of a good wood fire or a roast cooking over a wood stove. beautiful. <3 Enzo from Missie and Koco and Cindy.

: <3

: You've got the life Enzo! And Eden if dogs aren't allowed I doubt anyone would enforce such a silly rule, especially to a celebrity dog such as yourself!

: I agree.

: Oh we took some Christmas photos there...it's so lovely.

: Sure thing Enzo! Flames are hypnotic and a fire makes any place homey!

: ahh, yes "don't ask, don't tell." good policy, buddy.

: sweet:). are they letting dogs in the lobby again?