Enzo at Terranea Resort

you awake yet? i can't sleep. too excited. what should we do today? wanna go outside and talk about it?

Latest comments:

: So handsome and lucky, he gets to go on family vacations! Talk to my parents, will you Enzo?!

: Did you sleep im mom and dad's room?

: My Blake and Sassy, two five-yr-old westies, love you.

: Enzo just tell mommy what would be fun!

: What a doll!!! He's so CLEAN!

: Cute!

: Sweet boy!

: Enzo, you are living the life!

: Thinking about today's golf game...are you?

: I agree with Diane, Enzo. I want to squeeze you and give you a big smooch. Your so adorable.

: Oh Enzo, why must you live so far away. I need to squeeze you. Just once. ❤

: That's so funny I was talking about that resort last night-I so need a weekend there.

: Cute, love my Westie x

: I know that look : ))))