Enzo at Terranea Resort

I'm on vacation, friends! wish you were here!

Latest comments:

: Have fun, I hope you meet 'someone'!!!

: Wonderful view !!!!!!!!! Have fun.

: You've earned it, Enzo - you are such a hard worker.

: Wow your weather looks great.

: What a lucky dog!

: What a beautiful sight Enzo when's the party start?

: Have a great VACA ENZO!!

: lucky you <3

: Lucky you Enzo! Enjoy it!

: Enjoy sweetie!

: Gorgeous!

: I think I know where you are, Enzo. Me (Lucy) and Gabby and Yuki have been there for lunch. Nice place.

: It looks lovely, aren't you the lucky one, I'd love a holiday

: Now you are a "Bacation" Bum/.