Look at that innocent face like "Nothing happend here nothing.." 😉

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: Nala, where have you been?

: There you are, sweet girl. I never see your posts anymore ... unless I go looking for them. ❤️

: Nala hat auch genug von der Kälte. Btw, ich hab dich schon vermisst kleine Fellnase.

: Beautiful Nala....She has a very distinctive Westie face....LOVE HER!

: Hey beautiful Nala. Miss seeing you on a regular basis.

: Hi Nala & Mommy !!! Missed you !!! Looks innocent to me !!! ☺

: Misses you.. Hope to see you more often xoxoxo

: You are looking very pretty today, is this a new snow?

: We have missed you. 😙😙😙