"Its so fluffy I gonna die" #FanOfDespicableMe

Latest comments:

Cindy Galluzzo: Hi sweet Nala! You sure look pretty in all those flowers! I missed you ,I hope you and mommy have been having lots of fun!

Shelby Gray: You look so pretty sitting in those beautiful flowers ! Hope you & Mommy have been having lots of fun ! <3

Kathia Espinoza Abadi: But .... What a wonderful lady is there!!!! OMG!

Robin Bolduc: Youz a beauty Ms Nala 💖👄💘

Joke Bakker: Despicable me ....... like the movie!

Nelda Aguirre: Beautiful

Glynys Ann Shadbolt: Pretty baby.

Fina Orenes Martinez: Bombón

Mitzi McCall: You are adorable

Judy Cain: Beautiful flowers... <3

Nicole Lefevre: une fleur parmi les fleurs, gros bisous

Елена Шихалиева: Все женщины любят цветы 🌺. Красотка!