Lady Nala - Little Westie with Patrick Hollstein and Helga Hollstein

Halloweeeeeen Time! The trio is ready! GUESS who is me? ;-) Feel free to share / See more under Lady Nala - Little Westie

Latest comments:

: puppy butts!!!

: You are the SUPER NALA !!! ... The first from left to right ... Súper kisses my Sweet Nala for you and your mum from Caracas, Venezuela ... Love you ...

: How's it going Super Women (Lady Nala - Little Westie)

: SUPER PAWS !!!!! fly high Lady Nala - Little Westie

: You're in the middle, because it is the most beautifully cut Westie <3

: Super girl Lady Nala!!!

: Super girl Nala! <3

: Trick or treat Nala.

: It's a's a plane... it's Lady Nala, the Super Westie!

: The one in the center.

: In the middle!

: Number 1, always number1!

: Middle???

: Super girl!!

: You are in red. Love Hugs & Kisses💗😘💗

: Red one

: Your the middle one for sure

: First to left ?

: Nala = the Middle one becoz Mommy Nina just groomed you??

: The middle one?

: On the left!

: Our girl has to be the one in the right. right?

: In the middle x

: Too cute x

: nala ist ganz sicher, ganz links :)