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Shelby Gray: Super girl Nala to the rescue ! :) I love this photo ! <3

Maria Graciela Graciela Tabo: ¡¡¡¡SUPER LADY NALA!!!! I LOVE YOU MY LOVE

Mai Parks: Are you the branch manager ? Bol x x

Diana Cook Hough: I could just eat you up! You are so precious!

Robin Bolduc: I love this pic of you 😄 I shared this have a beautiful Caturary meow sayz Babelu 👄💋🐈

Rocio E. Sanchez: Hello!! @WhiskyWestie

Marietta Victoria Satifka: Love you my Lady.

Ellyn Feldman: Super Nala !!! :)

Lisa Soares: Super Nala you are so cute...

Vera Berei: Faster than a speeding bullet

Tara Hengst: Super dog Nala.

Ellyn Feldman: Pawsome Pup !!! :)

Brenda Nealy: Such a beautiful girl!

Russel: Super Lady Nala <3

Patty Finnegan Moore: Go supergirl go ♡

Miriam Symanski: Wie suess... Das Superhelden Kostüm steht dir wirklich gut. 😊❤

Sharmila Anju Ramsaha: Superb nala

Arlene Linda Coby: Luv u super Nala❤️

Beverly Mathews: Super!

Pit Bull Advocate & Cross-Poster: shared

Tori Alanna Brown: Awesome pic princess.

Kathleen Talafuse: Good picture!

Mone Mone BZ: Super Girl ... 🐾💖

Tara Watts: So cute!! ❤

Aila Sundelin: Could be a calendar girl