Lady Nala - Little Westie feeling sad

Where are my friends? I lost so many this week and dont know what Iam doing wrong 😢

Latest comments:

: Still here Lady Nala your so cute in pearls.

: we are still your friends.

: Nothing wrong!!! You are beautiful Lady Nala!!!

: I'm here Lady Nala love you sweetie <3

: Still here don't be sad

: Don't be sad. I think you are beautiful and look forward to your posts.

: I am still still Lady Nala,we must blame facebook

: Awe I love you Lady Nala!!!! XOXO 🐾🐾🐶🐶

: hey hey Lady Nala - Little Westie ! not lost just been outside a bunch today and now tired. hugs and more hugs. facebook is being snotty again.

: I am still here! your to cute!

: Tilly and I can see you sweetie.😊😊🐩🐩

His Royal Majesty,Sir Puss of Kittenshire.: Cheer up, Lady Nala! Your real friends are still here!

: U are not doing anything wrong it's Facebook xx

The three bully stooges ( sweet pea , hogan & pearl ): I love you , pearl ♥

: Still here, dear Nala. Always.

: We are still friends Lady Nala, hugs Milo

: We are here beautiful Lady Nala.❤️❤️

: We are here sweet Lady Nala!

: Oh no thats not good, you haven't done anything wrong. I always love seeing your beautiful face on my timeline xx

: Hi Nala it's Sugar Pie HunnypotI'm still here.

: I am still here sweet puppy .

: Hello sweetheart! I'm still your friend xxxx

: i am here sweetie you do nothing wrong

: We are here for you Lady Nala

: I am here Lady Nala! FB must be at it again! Love to see you ! <3