Lady Nala - Little Westie with Jasmin Kirchner

..once upon a time there was a big Diva and her cool Bodyguard... ;-) Feel free to share more under Lady Nala - Little Westie

Latest comments:

: You both are looking so "Cool" with your shades on!! LOL

: Handsome Pair !!! :)


: Lady cool to have a big strong body go girl!!

: Besties !!!

: You need a cool bodyguard Nala. You have a reputation to keep up!

: totally cool body guard :* an fur the Diva itz way bad :) muah

: Yes you are a diva but you both look pretty cool!

: Ohhh that is my cool Bodyguard 😍 and the cutest Diva ever ❤ Beautiful picture Nina Wopat! 😘

: You both are cute divas :)

: that is a cool body gaurd you have

: :)

: 🐾😍