Lady Nala - Little Westie with Corinna Kopsch

Thats us...crazy and even more crazier ;-) Lady Nala - Little Westie

Latest comments:

Cindy Galluzzo: You both have such pretty smiles!!

Vicki Tabor: Hi Nala!! Just don't answer your own questions~you might be considered bipolar!

Kathie Garnham: You two enjoy life to the fullest!! Love you guys xx

Ellyn Feldman: The Dynamic Duo !!!! Pawsome !!! :)

Ruth Mock: Two beautiful ladies with beautiful smiles.

Sally Hall: Beautiful and crazy, that's great!☺

Glynys Ann Shadbolt: Lovely picture of both of you.

Derek Miller: U an mommy are beautiful

Chris Manning: Lookin great ladies!!

Sue Moore: Nutty but nice 😄

Tara Hengst: So cute

Diane Martin: Very nice!

Vickie Jones: A beauty!!!! ❤️

Carrie Jennings: Cute girls!

Richard Grayson: Girl power!'!!!!

Nana Morsy: انتي والكلب قمرين

Nova Mina: بكام انا عايزه واحد

Noreen Ens: mommy and you are so very beauitful really

Robin Bolduc: Crazy an then Happy both of you have wonderful smiles :* nice picture of you 2 muah <3

Shelby Gray: You're both very good looking young ladies ! <3

Arlene Mango: Love to see your happy smiling faces!

Michelle Corcoran: What a great picture of you two.

Gerene Richard: What a beautiful photo. <3 <3

Wendy Brigham: Looking good ladies

Patty Finnegan Moore: Beautiful pic :)