Lady Nala - Little Westie with Helga Hollstein and 7 others

PEACE EVERYBODY! The Royal westies - chilling out! Feel free to share / More under Lady Nala - Little Westie

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Sue Moore: How DID you get them all to stay like that with the shades on?! Love!

Linda Williams: I bet at least one of them needed a bath later in the day.

Noreen Ens: my goodness 5 beauties

Vicki Tabor: What a wonderful picture Nala!!

Shan Sully: Mark Hinkley Lauren Alaina need some cool shades for Sir Charles 😎

Marney Seah: Cool bevy of Gorgeous Looking Westies!!

Beverly Mathews: Now that is a Luv Fest...

Shelby Gray: You all look so cool ! <3

Ann Marie Cannon: Beautiful photo.all cuties.

Pam Groves: Peace Love n Dogs!!!

Gerene Richard: Wow, Wow, Wow !!!!!

Ellyn Feldman: Peace Pups !!!! So Cute !!!!

Maria Graciela Graciela Tabo: ¡¡¡¡Divinos!!!! Genial fotografía, gracias querida siga te pasastes!!! :)) Muuuaaaaa 💋

Agnes O Gorman: Beautiful xx

Connie Fogarty: Adorable!!

Morrisanne Winston: 😎

Roswitha Rövenich: Klasse geworden Nina Wopat!

Robin Bolduc: Holyrolly youz guyz are jus gorgeous 💝💋❤ love this

Maria Castelo Branco: 😀😍

Ellyn Feldman: :)

Ivette Cardona: 😘😘😘😘😘